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you to a pioneer behind a revolutionary concept called culinary medicine. it's the science of recipes and meals designed to prevent and combat disease. now, he's both a practicing physician and a professionally trained chef who lives by the mantra "food is medicine." i'm talking about the super octor of super foods, dr. john lapuma. he's the m.d. with a culinary degree who believes food is the first line of defense in your fight against disease. for thisis doctor, transforming meals into medicine is a key ingredient in his life's work. >> i got started at this kind of work because i was in my mid 30's, i was overweight, i had no energy, and i realized i don't know anything about nutrition. they don't teach nutrition in med school. i had no idea that food playsed kind of pivotal role it does in how we live, what diseases we can prevent, and how healthy
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and energetic we are. the next step for me was to get educated about the science of food. it became apparent to me after a lot of research that if you target the right foods they can be a potent medicine. dr. oz: dr. lapuma then found a way to get his patients onboard. >> i went to culinary school to learn how to make a medical thee diet taste good. you have to make the food taste great, otherwise they won't eat it. i'm on a mission to help people heal their bodies with what they eat. i want them to be able to boost their immunity so that they can fight high blood pressure, fight cholesterol, fight can s. you can reverse the process of aging. you can help to prevent damage in your blood vessels and in your brain, without the need for costly prescription medication. dr. oz: dr. lapuma wrote the book on how the culinary art of medicine reaps benefits. >> it's solid and backs up the
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idea that food can be some of your best medicine. [cheers and applause] dr. oz: please welcome dr. john lapuma. welcome to the show. >> thank you very much, thank you. dr. oz: so you do have that unique quality to you, that you're both a medically trained physician and you know food so well. but a lot of our viewers are uncommitted frankly about the idea that food can be medicine. what would you say to them? >> i say i understand their fear, dr. oz. it's normal to be fearful when ou hear something new. but i really don't have to be afraid. do you mind if i ask the audience? dr. oz: please. >> how many of you take a prescription medicine? maybe 50%. how many of you would like to eat or drink something instead of taking a prescription medicine? maybe 60%. dr. oz: well, everybody, i think. >> does anyone think that's possible? yes? a few.
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yeah. well, you know what? the people who think it's possible are right. you're right. [applause] because food can work like medicine in the body. 70% of all heart disease, as you well know, is preventable. 80% of all cancer is actually preventable with what you eat and how you live. >> what would you advise to many people who really do believe they can change a chance of getting illness through their food? how do they get started? >> the point is it's actually easier than they think. i tell my own patients that they can start with an acronym called bites, b-i-t-e-s. it's simple, easy, fast, and if you eat one of these foods every week you are on the right path. berries, any kind of berry. blackberry, blueberry, strawberry.
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the darker the berry, the better the protection. indian spices because they're so lifestyle h-lively, colorful and beautiful and help you absorb other good things in foods. cheese. they have excellent activity against tumor cells, particularly in the laboratory and also in people. eggs, because they're rich in protein and also the very best example of you are what you eat. when you go to the supermarket and get omega 3-rich eggs, that's because they fed the chickens flacks meal. so the egg gets more flax, and when you eat the eggs you get the flax. and finally salmon, because it's -- specifically wild-caught salmon, rich in omega 3's, and hard to screw up when you cook it. dr. oz: bites, bites, and it makes a lot of sense. you mentioned earlier that 80% of cancers are completely
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preventable. i'd like to walk folks through the power of diet. these are super foods, and if you reap their benefits you can impact cancer, but many other things as well. >> that's right. dr. oz: the first to fight off cancerses bulgar wheat. it comes from turkey. it comes from billion garea, i guess. but tell us how it fights cancer. >> they actually fought over who owns the bull gar. it's actually a coarse wheat that's precooked and cracked and you can buy it either coarse like this or fine like that. the way to get the most flavor out of bulgar is to toast it. it helps to prevent cancer by its very high fiber content. bulgar is one of the best sources of magnesium and a good source of fiber. about a cup of bulgar has eight grams of fiber cooked, and women who consume about 30
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grams of fiber a day cut in half their risk for breast cancer. dr. oz: in half? >> in half. dr. oz: what's the right dose of bulgar wheat? >> i'd like a cup a day. it's a lot, but it's a way to get that fiber, it's a way to get whole grains, which many people believe we need more of, and the coarseness of the bulgar, i think, is the way to negotiation even when you use it -- go, even when you use it with meet, you can make a pilaf with garlic, onions, saw today oil, or you can soak it in flavorful liquid like chicken stock and it comes alive. dr. oz: you're making me hungry. the second super foods are limes. >> limes are magic. let's just say it, they are really magic. if you get an organic lime like this and you can actually eat the skin. the skin is a little bitter, but right underneath the skin and in the pith there is this
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beautiful white pitt where you get a chemical, and it has a lot of different cell lines in the laboratory. i like actually people to get a whole half a cup of lime juice and three liters of water and drink that every day. people go three liters is a lot of water. it is a lot of water, but people are often thirsty when they think they're hungry. and helping cut obesity is probably the key to cutting cancer rates. so you've got to take the top off there. dr. oz: there's your beaker of lime juice. you mentioned three limes and -- >> three limes and two cups of water. dr. oz: you also were mentioning the pith area. >> you can take off. just really nicely. this is how to easily cut a lime. just take the skin right off and you get a lot of powerful
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chemicals in the skin. you don't get anywhere else. in fact, most of the chemical in his the skin. dr. oz: the third cancer-preventing tool you're all going to love, it's concord grapes in particular. why so much concord grapes? >> concord grapes of fabulous. they are both a wine grape and an eating grape. wine grapes and concord grapes in particular have a thick skin. and res ver troll, which is the chemical in the skin and also in the seeds is the chemical that stops cancer cell growth of many lines in the laboratory. it's not been proven in people, as you know, but it's powerful enough so that i like people to eat up to two cups of grapes a week and up to two five-ounce glasses of grape juice, particularly purple grapes. purchase pep grapes have much more resveratrol than pink grapes or green grapes. you can eat grapes by freezing them. they're not just frozen because they're white and sparkly, but
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they're frozen. you can put the whole bunch in a freezer and take them out like popsicles. dr. oz: we do this all the time in our house. it works fabulously well and the kids will go for this and saves you money, grapes are not that expensive. arugula, the fourth thing we're going to talk about. but you have the baby arugula and the regular arugula. >> both are members of the crew sieve rust vegetable family, broccoli, cabbage and the like the when they are grown they bloom into four points. when you chew it, like i just did, you activate an enzyme in the arugula. that's why crew sieve rust vegetables work. and the cup and a half of arugula knocks down lung cancer risk by 15%. dr. oz: i'm just stunned that we have foods that can reduce cancer rates that much. it's stunning for many, many reasons. and i think a lot of us miss the boat.
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we don't realize the power these foods have. when we come back, he's revealing his three greatest immunity-boosting foods that will keep you from getting sick this season. stay with us.
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[cheers and applause] dr. oz: moving ton food that's boost your immunity, dr. john la puma is back to tell us about the three greatest immunity-boosting foods to keep you from getting sick this season. first immunity-boosting food i adore is fahini. what is this and how do you make and use it? >> tahini is a fabulous food that is completely underutilized. it's just sesame seed paste. taste sesames and toast them and ground them up and get peanut butter-like food that you can use like peanut butter but a nuttier, deeper flav are. it's so rich in mag nauseam and healthy pro dean that it actually helps to activate white blood cells and use the magnesium to boost immunity as well. that's why it's a super food.
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we use -- dr. oz: you make it. i will eat. >> go ahead. yeah. good division of labor there. dr. oz: yes. >> this is greek yogurt. greek-style yogurt, which we spoon into a bowl and just add a little bit of garlic, a little bit of lemon juice and and, of course, our food is medicine ingrodeant tahini. mix and this is a dip that's fabulous. so much better then mayonnaise or ranch dip or anything like that. dr. oz: and i'm treating these as medications, what's the dose of tahini? >> two spable spoons, 180 calories, it's sig but it gives you a lot of protein, magnesium, a lot of zinc and eat it slowly and savor. dr. oz: next big immunity booster or two things you heard of but we have special twists on these. black pepper and oregano.
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>> black pepper, most common spice next to salt possibly. but it has a chemical called pipirine that helps absorb other spices. it's amazing. wonderful anti-inflammatory quality that makes all curries yellow and makes it available to the body and helps to quell inflammation in joints, may even improve risks for alzheimer's disease. now, piparine can also add other flavors. bright flavor as put this on a pizza, i am reminded of the next food of medicine spice, oregano. this is actually leaf oregano. leaf oregano is a full leaf. not the ground stuff you get, which is also oregano and that leaf when you crunch it releases aromatic oils and those ar mat ig oils are probably what kills -- aromatic oils kills e. coli on meat, staff bacteria on the
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skin. and a study showed oregano shows 30 different germs. >> leaf oregano? >> leaf oregano. powerful anti-inflammatory tool that improves immunity. it's one of my favorite spices. i use it all the time. dr. oz: when you go to the store and see oregano bottles, how do you know if it's leaf? >> you have to look on the signed of the bottle. glass on the inside, look for the little tiny leafs. if they ground it to a powder, it loses a lot of its punch. dr. oz: perfect. final immunity booster, perfect season to talk about this, pumpkins. >> pumpkins are gorgeous. easy sugar pumpkin. show you quickly how to open it. down on one side and turn it around and down like that and ott other side and open it up. dr. oz: a lot easier then how i do it. >> it helps to have a good knife, good, sharp knife. point down and go around. this is a lot of seeds. you can actually cook the seeds but i like to make a soup just by turning this upside down on a
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sheet pan anding garlic and onion with it. about 400 degrees for 45 minutes. dr. oz: cut off the inside? >> cut it off and it is soft and smooth. now squash, it's famous for beta carotene. you can see the beta carotene in this squash. beta carotene is the biggest immunity booster of all because it's converted into vitamin a. so you can use the immunity that your own body makes with the beta carotene inside of fruits and vegetables. as a s it's different but in fruits and vegetables, beta carotene, very powerful immunity booster and you have this delicious soup or you have another recipe. dr. oz: little short cut. i love this and i go out for pumpkins all fall long. i was at a stand this weekend pulling my pumpkin out. but i love it. there i am. i do, do this. i've got a one-minute alternative because a lot of folks, myself included, don't
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even think about -- >> you don't want to roast a pumpkin 45 minutes? dr. oz: i would like to. but you can do this quick. when my producer came up with this idea. take a can of 100% pumpkin purr purr ray. teaspoon of butter alternative, cholesterol-lowering spreads and a little bit of stevia and heat it in the microwave and it looks like this. remember, 85 calories i m must say. >> very impressive. dr. oz: it takes like sweetened mashed potatoes. >> i like the cinnamon stick. that's really good. dr. oz:s yours is too. find pumpkin soup -- have another one. and it's all canned. a minute to make. find my pumpkin ress pay and dr. la puma on coming up, dr. la puma as a meal to fight stress and best part of it, it's delicious and takes almost no time. find out what it is next. [applause] >> coming up -- dr. la puma's
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super meal to fight stress. >> one gram of fat, no sugar and you have dinner on the table. >> try his miracle marinade. >> makes everything taste better. >> later -- >> i'm asking you straight out, what's your problem?
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[ male announcer ] what if there was a help line for dinner ideas? [ superfan ] helper help line. we're on our way. you have got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken! crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? there's 40 different flavors? that's really good. i love cheese. dad's night. helper makes daddy the man. yes.
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could i get another one of those, actually? thank you. [ male announcer ] hey, america, we're here to help. [applause] dr. oz: dr. la puma is back as he teaches us to make a meal to fight off stress and anxiety. what is the dish and how does it fight off anxiety? >> honey chinese chicken breast and it stops anxiety because it's histamine lowers anxiety
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and reduces stress amazing it and because it's a bonito broth, which is a cod broth that is kind of a rich essence of a dark, wonderful fish, inside of oistster sauce. oistster sauce is a sauce that doesn't rulely take like oist sister but -- oyster but terrific in chinese cooking and essential in this dish which takes ten minutes from start to finish. it's 143 calories for one chicken breast, one gram of fat, no schucher and dinner on the -- sugar and dinner on the table. dr. oz: if you can make it in ten minutes, it reduces stress. >> great point. it tastes even better the next day. dr. oz: this is oyster sauce? >> that is. dr. oz: you're buying this? >> you are. dr. oz: and pour it in here? >> please. dr. oz: then? >> then a little chili saws, chilly garlic sauce is my favorite stuff. makes everything taste better and ginger. dr. oz: i could pour this in but i'm a professional. >> you are. dr. oz: ought taught me to do it like this but i have designed a
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new technique based on the advice of culinary experts in the audience. >> excellent. mix these together. in the meantime i will make the dipping sauce, which is just a little bit of dark soy sauce, light. dark soy sauce and a little bit of dark honey. now dark honey is also a medicine ingredient and that's because it's really high in antioxidants. take spable spoon of the marinade and put it in the dipping sauce and you just made a dipping sauce. isn't that cool? dr. oz: that's wonderful. [applause] >> we save that. next for the marinade, no, we use brushes. dr. oz: i have a brush too. >> we will brush the marinade. much easier then putting it in a plastic bag or in another way. dr. oz: fresh, absolutely. how long do you marinade these for? >> mar nate these five or ten minutes. we're also putting marinade on because wee protecting it from cancer-causing chemicals.
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dr. oz: right. that may be the most important thing to share with you, if you marinade your protein, whatever the source, helps avoid creation of cancer-forming chemical when's we barbecue and grill things. >> right. the char on the outside may taste good but is actually carcinogenic. you have the grill thing down. look, layer it in the pan. just layer it in the pan. dr. oz: ever see me flip chicken before? >> i have not. dr. oz: not going to see it today either. >> we can wait a little bit for that. just thinking we might want to wait. yeah. dr. oz: last question, how do you know how well done your chicken is without cutting you? >> use the chef clinic touch test. it's a simple test. take your thumb and little finger and you put them together lightly and then you touch what doctors called the little bump underneath your thumb lightly with your other finger. that feeling is well done chicken, fish or steak. dr. oz: little knowledge of anatomy, see what you learn. >> it's great. dr. oz: let me see. it's raw.
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>> what we call raw. dr. oz: you can get dr. la pume why's honey can chinese chicken recipe at ly pass it out to the audience. great honor to have you. >> my pleasure. [applause] dr. oz: when we come back, we have fast fixes for everyday health problems that drive you crazy. [applause] victory is seeing him stand taller today... than he did yesterday. nike, sperry, and the vans atwood all at famous footwear. victory is yours.
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>> what's your problem? >> i tried everything. i wake up and my eyes are glazed over. >> fast fixes for the everyday
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health problems that drive you crazy. [cheers and applause] dr. oz: silly or serious, scary or embarrassing, today i have the fast fixes for those everyday health problems that have been driving absolutely crazy and i'm asking you straight out, what's your problem? and the first issue wanted the fast fix for was, dandruff. >> an druff is -- dandruff is my worset enemy, dr. oz. >> dandruff has been a problem my whole life. hi to ban all black clothes from my wardrobe. >> i hate my dandruff. i noticed it getting worse over the years and i don't know how to get rid of it. all have i to do is shake my head and watch the dandruff fly out. ah! [cheers and applause] dr. oz: myrna said her dandruff is so bad, it always looks like she's watching in from a snowstorm. how has dandruff taken over your life? >> it's so embarrassing, dr. oz. take a look at this. i'm always con


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